Learn how to create a Simple Todos with Meteor and Blaze

In this tutorial we will build a simple to-do tasks app using Blaze with the Meteor platform.

Blaze is a powerful library for creating user interfaces by writing reactive HTML templates. Usually, templates are written in Spacebars, a variant of Handlebars designed to take advantage of Tracker, Meteor’s reactivity system. These templates are compiled into JavaScript UI components that are rendered by the Blaze library.

To develop your app, you will need a a code editor. If you don’t have any editor of your choice, a great option is to install Visual Studio Code. After installing it, you can and the Meteor Toolbox extension to enable intelisense for Meteor core and packages. This extension also adds launch configurations for the browser (run/debug).

Meteor works out-of-the-box with several other frameworks like React, Svelte and Vue. We recommend you check out all of our tutorials.

Let’s get started with building your Blaze To-Do app with Meteor!

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